Feb 22 – Loyd Grossman

Entrepreneurs Tuesday with Loyd Grossman

This week marked probably the biggest Entrepreneurs Tuesday event for the year, with star guest Loyd Grossman attracting more than 130 people drawn from both the Entrepreneurs and LSE’s Food Appreciation Society, who kindly sponsored some delicious home-made food. The evening started off with Loyd’s entertaining short history of the British restaurant culture, which, he assured us, has improved significantly over the years. Looking back at his own time at Houghton Street in the 70s, Loyd noted the only thing that hadn’t changed on campus was Wrights Bar. And added: “Much has improved since then, not least the teaching”, much to the laughter of the audience. Finally, the Entrepreneurs Society thanked the former punk singer (“Jet Bronx and the Forbidden”) for his commitment with a pair of LSE cufflinks. Join us next Tuesday when we return to the conversation with e-entrepreneurs, featuring James Eder, founder of studentbeans.com (Place: D311, at the usual time, 6pm!)
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