What is it about?

    • One to one private mentoring focusing specifically on your issues
    • Direct and honest feedback on your ideas
    • Constructive and practical input into your challenges
    • Attend as little or as much as you like

What is the content?

    • Forming an idea if you don’t already have one
    • Working out how and where to start
    • Feedback on pitches and ideas for ESS and other pitching challenges
    • Input and advice on business challenges you may be facing
    • Facilitate general business discussion

Who offers mentoring?

    For Shazz, LSE was different. It wasn’t about becoming an investment banker and following the norms. He wanted to do something different. Something with deeper satisfaction

    He set up LSE Entrepreneurs Society, before he graduated in 2005 in order to allow students of LSE to look beyond the walls of IB and the usually LSE culture. He wanted create a movement of vision and entrepreneurship. His efforts took flight, and now the LSE SU Entrepreneur Society is amongst the top societies, not only at LSE, but nation wide.

    After Shazz graduated from LSE with his 1st Class, he did go on to work at Deutsche Bank, and later got a front office position in Global Markets. Although living the life, Shazz knew this was not for him. He shortly left banking in 2006 in the pursue of something which would allow him to realize his full potential, and gain satisfaction out of what he did.

    Property. Something so simple, yet so effective. Having bought his first official property in 2005, Shazz then went on to buy more, and soon “Spaces” developed. It wasn’t just luck that got Shazz there though. It was perseverance, motivation and innovation. Shazz had an idea to rent a property, and then sub-let the rooms individually. He then pursued a big shot real estate agent with his idea. It was while before Shazz heard back from him, but when he did it was positive news.

    Spaces Property Group had grown over the years, and is now know as Spaces Urban Living. It goes to show with a little determination, motivation and vision, however small it may be, can lead to something bigger and better.

    Shazz’s dedication to LSE Entrepreneurs doesn’t end with his new beginning, but carries on, and he has accepted to run a mentorship scheme for future LSE entrepreneurs, hoping his inspiration and experience can turn lives of many and lead them to their final and self-actualization goals.

Sessions will usually run on Fridays each week.Please get in touch directly with Shazz at to book your appointment or get more information.

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